Barbary Countdown: Night Train with Wyatt Cenac [16 Days Left]

[I love Wyatt Cenac’s relationship to this City. Not only is he featured in The Daily Show, the fuel for leftist discontent (that is an element of the Bay Area’s identity), he’s a lead actor in one of best love/hate cinematic mixtapes for San Francisco: Medicine for Melancholy. Wyatt, like a modern day Bill Cosby (who loaned $50,000 to the birth of blaxploitation), has always put money-to-mouth in regards to progressing African American expression (see: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, (I saw it at the Roxie (pretty great))), a fact revered by Courting Comedy (hint, I’m black). While, Medicine for Melancholy — available now on Netflix — features many of the mumblecore trappings that make my blood boil, it’s a pretty awesome prelude to Cenac’s appearance this year’s Outside Lands Festival]

Medicine for Melancholy’s one of the best recent San Francisco movies. Sorry, Wedding Planner.