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Interview with a “Samurai Cop”


Interview with a “Samurai Cop”

Matt Hannon, thSamuraiStills8e star of the 1991 cult classic “Samurai Cop,” came over to my dining room area at my studio efficiency apartment. Find out some of the shooting secrets to some of the great scenes. Why was Matt wearing a woman’s wig in parts of the film? Was Matt dead? And for how long?

What’s with the dialogue?

Matt also talks about being Sylvester Stalone’s body guard, and opens up about his…

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Prince Paul vs The World
This mix comes out of a french webzine called “abcdrduson” and it has been mixed by Bachir & Slurg.

01. Prince Paul : DJ Prince Paul vs The World 0:00
02. J Live : Wax Paper 02:24
03. Prince Paul : Why Must You Hate Me 05:23
04. Prince Paul feat Truth Enola & Trugoy : Drama Queen 06:43
05. Gravediggaz : 1 800 Suicide 10:02
06. Kurious : Beans & Rice 13:17
07. Del : Signature Slogan 16:14
08. Stetsasonic: Blood, Sweat & No Tears 20:38
09. Nikki D : Freak Accident 23:01
10. De La Soul : Paul’s Revenge interlude 25:07
11. Slick Rick : Behind Bars 25:45
12. Last Emperor : Monolith 28:43
13. Prince Paul feat Wordsworth : Back To The Lab 30:21 
14. MC Paul Barman : School Anthem 31:24
15. Prince Paul: People, Places And Things 33:34 
16. De La Soul : Pease Porridge 37:13
17. Sharron Lucky : Pease Porridge Hot 39:47
18. Fine Young Cannibal : I’m Not Satisfied remix 41:26
19. The Dix : Here Comes The Dix 43:35
20. De La Soul feat Q-Tip : A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays 45:48
21. De La Soul feat Dres, A Tribe Called Quest, Bestro, Lovie Brown & Vinia Mojica : What Yo Life Can Truly Be 48:16
22. Living Colour feat Daddy O : Funny Vibe remix 53:02
23. Groove B Chill : Let It Roll 56:12
24. Big Daddy Kane : Hard Being The Kane 59:17
25. De La Soul : Say No Go 1:00:37
26. The Jaz & Jay-Z : It’s That Simple 1:01:32
27. Boogie Down Productions : Sex & Violence 1:02:22
28. Queen Latifah & De La Soul : Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children 1:04:16
29. De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, a tribe called quest, Monie Love & Lucien: Buddy remix 1:06:49
30. Creative Mind interlude 1:13:40
31. The Abstracts : King Of Clubs 1:14:02
32. Black Rock & Ron : You Can Do Me None remix 1:14:59
33. Handsome Boy Modeling School feat Dres : First… And Then 1:16:40
34. Resident Alien : Ooh, The Dew Doo Man 1:18:36
35. 3rd Bass : The Gas Face remix 1:20:29
36. Beastie Boys : Root Down remix 1:22:28
37. Chill Rob Gee : Let Me Show You remix 1:23:53
38 Hardcore : We Got It All 1:26:51
39. MC Lyte : MC Lyte Likes Swinging 1:27:58
40. Cypress Hill : Latin Lingo remix 1:30:51
41. De La Soul feat Prince Paul : Pass The Plugs 1:31:29

On 08/23/2014, at 6:14 pm, Officers on patrol in the area of Geary and Arguello Blvd saw a female park in a disabled parking space and walk towards a nearby store. The officers parked their vehicle next to the disabled spot and saw a parking placard hanging from the mirror. A short time later the officer saw the female walking back towards her vehicle. When the female made eye contact she transitioned from a normal walk to a heavy right side limp. The female stated the placard was issued to her mother and further stated that her mother was in the store which she had just left. The officer offered to escort the female back to the store in an effort to contact the placards owner. On hearing this the female then told the officer that her mother was not in the in the store but was in fact at home. The female was cited for placard misuse and the placard confiscated.